So, we’re keeping the Chateau, and going to manage it as best we can until retirement when we will return with B&B, winery, and animals, etc.  For now, we’re just growing grapes.

Starting in Spring 2018, we will be opening as a B&B, then migrating to an small Inn, once we complete a commercial kitchen and pass inspection.  We just have a few things to complete inside the house, and we’re off!

We have also retained our farm winery license, and will be making wine again starting in 2018.

More news as it develops!

Since we haven’t found a buyer for our property, we’re thinking an agro-tourism Bed & Breakfast.  This would be a good way to share our way-cool house with others, and share our cooking with guests.  What do you think?  We are also keeping our winery license, in the event that we want to do small batch winery production from our vineyard.  Good idea?!